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Belgian Christmas Cuisine you certainly should explore

Are you planning to visit Belgium during the time of Christmas celebration? In such a case, you will have a unique chance to try traditional

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Amazing Belgian desserts to taste

Belgium is well-known for its amazing chocolate, however, its sweet treats are going a way beyond this typical product. This article will show you a

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Traditional Belgian sweet pastry

What can be better than sweet pastry? Check the popular Belgian pastry options which go beyond Belgian and Liege waffles. Liers vlaaike Well, may be

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You cannot miss these unique restaurants and bars while you are in Brussels

Brussels is filled with tourist attractions and a great part of them are various restaurants and bars. Needless to say, Belgium itself is widely known

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Amazing facts about Brussels

What is Brussels well-known for in your country? In all likelihood, it is famous for its beer, chocolate and Belgian waffles. Do you see a

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Belgian food everyone should taste while being in Brussels

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, visiting Brussels is a perfect occasion to taste traditional Belgian food. The dishes Belgians mainly eat are influenced by

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Eating out in Brussels – Brussels restaurants

Even if you are planning to stay in Brussels for a short time, you should visit at least one of the restaurants located in the

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A brief introduction to Brussels: Brussels sights and food walking tour

Needless to say, Brussels is an amazing European city with a long history which has a lot to offer to its visitors. While discovering a

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Explore the beer culture of Belgium during the Brussels beer tour

Needless to say, one of the most well-known products manufactured in Belgium is beer whereas Belgium beer itself is considered to be one of the

Eating out Entertainment Tourist attractions

Belgian beer – get the real taste of Brussels

Needless to say, beer is a national drink in Belgium. In this country, people have a tradition of enjoying beer at any time of the