A brief introduction to Brussels: Brussels sights and food walking tour

Needless to say, Brussels is an amazing European city with a long history which has a lot to offer to its visitors. While discovering a new place on your own can be a fantastic experience, sometimes you might be interested in using the help of a guide who will show you your way around the area and provide you with necessary information about the place. The capital of Belgium also offers its guests such quick tours which will help you to get acquainted with the city in a couple of hours. Brussels sights and food walking tour is one of them.

Who will find the Brussels sights and food walking tour interesting?

The Brussels sights and food walking tour is especially good for those people who are visiting the city for a short time and would like to be sure they will be able to see all the major tourist sights. Of course, this demands time and if you are doing it on your own, the time stretches even more since you are not acquainted with the city. That is why, in case you can’t allow yourself to get lost in the streets of Brussels trying to find a particular tourist attraction because of the lack of time, Brussels sights and food walking tour will be an excellent option for you.

Still, people who have more spare time will also benefit from this organised tour. The thing is, the guide accompanying the group during the tour will share a lot of necessary information so you will feel more confident during your further stay in the city. For instance, you will learn a lot about the places worth visiting as well as the ones which should be avoided which is definitely crucial for positive travelling experience.

Some of the tourist attractions you are going to see Manneken Pis, Grand Place, Royal Galleries and Fishmarket.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, an essential part of the tour is visiting one of the Brussels authentic restaurants. During this visit, you will be able to taste some of the most well-known traditional Belgium dishes such as waterzooi, beefstew and frites. As a part of dessert, you can count on the most exclusive Belgium chocolate which can be hardly purchased anywhere else. Of course, the meat in the restaurant also includes some of the best Belgium beer.

After a trip through the Belgium city centre, and a full meal in the Brussels restaurant, you will have a chance to enjoy traditional Belgium waffles which are served with caramel, strawberries and cream.

What is exactly included into the price of the Brussels sights and food walking tour?

The price of the participation in the Brussels sights and food walking tour for adults is €85 whereas for children between 6 and 11 years of age, it is only €50.

Purchasing your ticket via the Internet, gives you an opportunity to take part in the four-hour tour guided by a multilingual person who speaks three languages such as German, French and English.

The price of the tour includes visiting the tourist sights as well as all the food and drinks which are covered by the programme.

Note that this tour is held four days a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The Brussels sights and food walking tour starts at 13:00. The meeting point for the group is Grand Place Square 21. The group usually gathers near the Godiva chocolate shop.

Brussels sights and food walking tour is a perfect way to get acquainted with the capital of Belgium in a short time. Learn more here.