Explore the beer culture of Belgium during the Brussels beer tour

Needless to say, one of the most well-known products manufactured in Belgium is beer whereas Belgium beer itself is considered to be one of the drinks of the highest quality in the world. For that reason, no matter whether you are a fan of beer or not, you definitely should taste one of the best types of Belgium beer while visiting Brussels. The best way to do it is by participating in the organised Belgium beer tour.

What will you do during the tour?

The Brussels beer tour will take you to several local pubs including the oldest one which was established in 1695  where you will have a chance to taste some of the most remarkable types of the Belgium beer as well as delicious pared foods. The tour was organised in such a way as to avoid all the mainstream drinks and include only exclusive ones which can’t be found anywhere else.

For example, participating in the tour, you will get a unique chance to taste The Westvleteren 12 which is considered the best beer in the entire world by the majority of critics. Even though real beer experts have acknowledged the unsurpassed quality of this beverage, it is produced in rather small amounts and thus, can’t be found anywhere outside Brussels.

The reason for that is the policy of the Trappist monks living in Mont des Cats who produce The Westvleteren 12. In fact, the monks brew exactly such an amount of beer that will allow them to run their monastery. They do not advertise their product and do not supply even local shops with their beer. It can be purchased exclusively by individual customers directly in the monastery. Although the monks are aware of the success of their product, they are not going to increase the scale of its production.

As you can imagine, it might be rather difficult for visitors of Brussels to get this unique product, but, fortunately, the Brussels beer tour includes the beverage on the list of beer you will be able to taste. In addition to it, you will have a chance to try seven other types of local beer. Note that these beers are served in their full size rather than as samples. All of the drinks available during the tour are paired with foods which enrich the taste of the beer even more. Thus, some of the types of the Belgium beer are served with frites and local sausages, whereas others are offered with cheese. You will also have an opportunity to taste the beer which should be consumed with chocolate.

One of the best aspects of the Brussels beer tour is the fact it is guided by a beer expert who has been brewing oneself for more than twenty years already. This person knows a lot about beer, the culture and history of brewing and consuming this popular beverage. Undeniably, this will be a very interesting experience for anyone who enjoy drinking beer.

The summary of the Brussels beer tour

The Brussels beer tour is guided by a multi-lingual brewery expert who can speak German, French and English. The tour starts at 14:00 on Grand Place Square 21 right in front of the Godiva chocolate shop.

Total duration of the tour is four hours. Although you will visit several pubs during this time, you will not have to walk too far since the total walking distance required by the tour is only 2 km.

The price of participation in the tour is 70€. Pay your attention to the fact that food, beer and the guide are included into the price of the Brussels beer tour. You can purchase tickets for the tour completely online. After ordering the tickets and paying for them, you will receive them with an email within 24 hours, however, as a rule, it takes less time.

You can take part in the tour on any day of the year since it is offered on a daily basis without any days off.

Finally, important information concerns the minimum aged required for being permitted to drink alcohol in Belgium. Thus, here, you should be at least 16 years old in order to be able to purchase and consume alcoholic drinks. It is recommended not to take young children with you since the atmosphere of the tour is not children-friendly.