Brussels accommodation options

Undeniably, one of the most important elements of travelling is accommodation. When it comes to the capital of Belgium, you will definitely be pleased by the fact the city is quite compact which makes it easy to access the major places of interest almost from each corner of Brussels. This means, that unlike in many other large cities, you will not have to pay extra money for the possibility of living in a close proximity to the major tourist sites. Here, you can easily get at any part of the area, especially due to a convenient system of public transportation and a taxi service.

One of the best ways to learn about the accommodation options in Brussels is via the database of special booking services. With the help of their searching engines and multiple filters, you can easily generate a list of accommodation options according to the distance to the city centre, price or a number of stars. In addition to it, you will be able to make instant reservations via such a service.

Let’s look at some of the most popular forms of accommodation in Brussels together.

Hotels in Brussels

Although Brussels is not a large city and its population is only slightly over one million, its hotels are offering a total of 32 000 beds. You can find a hotel of an entire star range including really luxurious places with amazing facilities. Furthermore, Brussels also has a great number of affordable hotels.

Airport hotels as well as central station hotels are especially popular among the visitors of the capital of Belgium. The airport itself has its own hotel Sheraton which is located at the terminal. This is a great place not only for the people who have to wait too long for their flight but also for those who just want to stay in a comfortable room in a close proximity to the Zaventem airport. Still, this is not the only airport hotel here.

Other examples of airport hotels in Brussels are Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport, Holiday Inn Brussels Airport, Campanile Brussels airport, Hotel Novotel Brussels Airport, Holiday Inn Express and NH Brussels Airport Hotel. These hotels provide their guests with extra convenience by offering them their own hotel shuttles. You can get into one of them from the coach park which is located at Level 0.

When it comes to the central station hotels, you should be aware of the fact that all of them are located to the West of the station. The East side is an area earmarked for museums, offices and a park. You won’t find here any hotel. The closest to the station hotel in Brussels is Hilton Brussels Grand Place. This one is located so close to the station that you won’t have to get through the nearby streets. The distance between the station and the hotel is only 50 m. At the same time, the price for the rooms in this hotel is of the same price range as in the case of the hotels located at a greater distance from the station.

Yet, if you need a cheaper hotel, you should go into the Brussels old town. Many of them are located in some 10 min proximity of the station.

Hostels in Brussels

If you have no problems with sharing your room with other people, you might be interested in sleeping in one of the multiple hostels located in Brussels. Since hostels are generally the cheapest form of accommodation, you can easily find them by sorting the list of accommodation options in Brussels starting from the lowest price.

You will be able to spend a night in such a place paying only around €17 – €25. Some of the hostels are located very close to the main square of the city.

As it has been already said, in all likelihood, you will have to share your room with other travelers if you decide to stay in one of the Brussels hostels. The bathrooms are usually shared as well. While some people might find such lack of privacy rather uncomfortable, others enjoy a possibility of meeting new people here. The majority of hostels have common rooms where people staying in the hostel gather in the evenings and chat. You might also meet fellow travelers who will be interested in seeing the city together with you. That is why hostels are also a great option for people who have happened to travel alone.

Apartments in Brussels

Apartment style accommodation in Brussels is usually referred to aparthotels. As you can imagine, this is a mixture of classic hotels and apartments. The most crucial feature of such apartments is the fact they have bathrooms and kitchens inside and some of them also have more than one room. For that reason, people travelling with their families usually prefer staying in such apartments especially due to the fact they can use the cooking facilities and provide their families with cheaper homemade food. Furthermore, such apartments are also equipped with other necessary things that can be found in a regular household as well as the wireless Internet.

Aparthotels are also extremely widespread among the people coming to Brussels to work from abroad.