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Cooking Eating out Holidays

Belgian Christmas Cuisine you certainly should explore

Are you planning to visit Belgium during the time of Christmas celebration? In such a case, you will have a unique chance to try traditional

Children-friendly Entertainment Holidays

Upcoming Brussels events – Winter Wonder and Christmas Market are waiting for you

Every year, Brussels is organising a fantastic event for its residents and visitors which is known as Winter Wonder and Christmas Market. Several weeks filled

Customs Eating out

Amazing Belgian desserts to taste

Belgium is well-known for its amazing chocolate, however, its sweet treats are going a way beyond this typical product. This article will show you a

Customs Eating out

Traditional Belgian sweet pastry

What can be better than sweet pastry? Check the popular Belgian pastry options which go beyond Belgian and Liege waffles. Liers vlaaike Well, may be

Children-friendly Museums and galleries Tourist attractions

Explore the nature in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science Museum

Are you visiting Brussels and are looking for amazing places to visit and learn about the world? The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science Museum

Art Museums and galleries Tourist attractions

The best places to enjoy art in Brussels

Brussels is a perfect destination of art lover as the capital of Belgium is not only filled with amazing art galleries and museums, but it

Gifts Shopping

More amazing ideas for gifts from Brussels

There is no need to recommend you buying a nice package of chocolates or pralines as a gift from Brussels for your family and friends.

Entertainment Museums and galleries

Your guide to the weirdest and unusual museums of Brussels

It is not a surprise the Belgian capital has many museums of absolutely various types. This city has long and rich history and is currently

Bars Eating out Tourist attractions

You cannot miss these unique restaurants and bars while you are in Brussels

Brussels is filled with tourist attractions and a great part of them are various restaurants and bars. Needless to say, Belgium itself is widely known

Accommodation Children-friendly Museums and galleries Tourist attractions

Your guide through less popular areas of Brussels which are worth your attention

Certainly, the major area attracting tourists in Brussels is its Old Town which is also known as Grand Place. There is nothing strange in it