Traditional Belgian sweet pastry

What can be better than sweet pastry? Check the popular Belgian pastry options which go beyond Belgian and Liege waffles.

Liers vlaaike

Well, may be not all of them can be find exactly all around Belgium. For example, one of the most iconic Belgian sweet treat is actually made exclusively in Lier which also gives the name to this pastry.

Liers vlaaike is tart-shaped and a mouth-watering filling which is typically made of flour, candy syrup, milk and breadcrumbs. The pastry itself is unsweetened and is made of shortbread pie crust. Actually, there is a mysterious mixture of delicious spices which surely includes nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander and cloves. As you can imagine, such a combination is adding a spicy flavour to liers vlaaike.

Couque de Dinant

How about Belgian cookies? One of the most traditional cookies for this country is Couque de Dinant. As the name suggests, the dessert comes from Dinant. These cookies are rather hard. For that reason, the cookies have been given to babies during the teething period for years. Such a texture is achieved by using a particularly high temperature of baking around 300 degrees. Another secret for such a unique texture is in the ingredients of Couque de Dinant. Actually, there are only two of them, honey and wheat flour. The temperature makes the sugars contained in the cookies caramelise which makes the texture even harder. At the same time, eating the cookies is a unique experience itself as a bite of the pastry can be left in mouth until it melts down.

Galettes Campinoises

Certainly, waffles are another crucial Belgian dessert, however, Belgium has other types of waffles which are not limited to the ones commonly known as Belgian waffles. For example, Galettes Campinoises are among the most delicious ones.

It is crucial not to mistake Galettes Campinoises for French galettes since the latter one is a special type of buckwheat pancakes whereas Galettes Campinoises sweet, crunchy and hard waffles.

Gaufres à la flamande

Gaufres à la flamande are a Flemmish variation of Belgian waffles which actually look and taste in a pretty different way from Liege waffle and Brussles waffle. This type of waffles is made of milk, eggs, yeast, flours, butter and vanilla sugar. These waffles are consumed after cooling down and they are usually not served with any toppings.