Amazing Belgian desserts to taste

Belgium is well-known for its amazing chocolate, however, its sweet treats are going a way beyond this typical product. This article will show you a variety of delicious desserts you can and absolutely should try while staying in Brussels or any other city of Belgium.

Geraardsbergse mattentaart

If you are fan of sweet pies, you definitely should try a traditional Belgian one which is featured with a particularly puff texture and has a delicious filling with an almond flavour based on cheese. The desserts comes from Geraardsbergen where it is produced from fresh butter, milk and buttermilk. This amazing dessert has a very long history and was popular even in the Middle Ages.

La dame blanche

Do you love ice-cream? If it is one of your favourite desserts you certainly should try a Belgian version of a sweet treat based on this popular refreshing product. Ask for La dame blanche in a nearby-café and you will get a portion of delicious vanilla ice-cream served with whipped cream and a warm sauce made of butter, cream and chocolate.

By the way, Belgium also has a beer which perfectly goes with this dessert and can be ordered together. The one is Cherish Raspberry and it is a Belgian Lambic beer.


In case you want to try a dessert with a unique texture, you should order Sneeuwballen. Do not miss an opportunity to taste this sweet treat when you are staying in Belgium between September and March since this is the only period when you can find so-called snow balls on the market.

Sneeuwballen have a vanilla cloud and ad a coat of dark Belgian chocolate. There is also a layer of icing sugar on top of the dessert. All of these layers make Sneeuwballen crack when you bite them and melt in your mouth.

Liege waffles

Of course, it is difficult to imagine the list of Belgium desserts without Liege waffles which are featured by a particular texture and caramel taste. Liege Waffles have pearl sugar which is melting during the baking process, hence the dessert has the taste of caramel.

Liege waffles are chewy and do not have any even shape. A traditional way of consuming these waffles is in their plane form, however, you can also find them with such toppings as chocolate, powdered sugar, fruits or whipped cream.

Brussels waffles

The capital of Belgium has its own version of waffles which is known as a Brussels waffle. This one has a special checkered pattern as it is baked in a specifically designed device. Unlike Liege waffles, the Brussels type of the dessert has a perfect rectangular shape. these waffles have yeasts among other ingredients which make them airy and soft.

Properly baked Brussels waffles are supposed to have a golden-brown colour and be crispy and crunchy while their inner part is still soft and light.