More amazing ideas for gifts from Brussels

There is no need to recommend you buying a nice package of chocolates or pralines as a gift from Brussels for your family and friends. This is the most obvious choice for any tourist coming to the capital o9f Belgium. Yet, Brussels has a lot more to offer to its visitors and many of the amazing local products can be easily taken home.

This article will provide you with ideas of amazing goods you can purchase while staying in Brussels which will be perfect presents.

Brussels delicacies

We bet your friends are waiting for you to give them some chocolates as a gift from Brussels. Try these traditional local products which they certainly not expect you to bring them.

Brussels cheese

Belgium is not only a famous manufacturer of chocolate. It is also a crucial producer of cheese. That is why you should not omit the opportunity to get some cheese as a present.

One of the best products are offered by the Saint-Octave cheese dairy which is located in Brussels. It is worth to shop for such products made by this dairy as gorgonzola, Comté and goat’s cheese. There is also a number of special types of cheese offered only by this manufacturer, so you certainly should check the range of products it has.

Pay your attention to the fact the products offered by Saint-Octave cheese dairy are all made in a traditional way. The technology used by this manufacturer is environmentally friendly.


Cheese is certainly a great present, however, some of your friends might still enjoy sweet treats more than the most exclusive cheese. If you need to buy a present for such a person and do not want to give up on your search for something less regular than Belgian chocolate, you should pay your attention to the traditional Belgian cookies which are equally delicious.

These cookies are called speculoos and they are featured by an amazing crunchy consistency and such ingredients as brown sugar and spices. The cookies are available in multiple tastes and, since you might not be able to guess which one exactly is better for the person you want to give a present to, you can purchase a set of cookies in several flavours.

For instance, the Maison Dandoy is offering a set of three flavours of speculoos which are already beautifully packaged.

More unique presents

Here you will find more great ideas for choosing an amazing gift for the people you care about.

l’Antichambre prefumes

The majority of people love perfumes and many of them really enjoy getting one as a gift. Do you know that Brussels has a truly unique place to shop for perfumes for a very special person in your life? l’Antichambre is the store offering tailor-made perfumes which are created for every customer individually.

The specialists working at l’Antichambre are taking into consideration various aspects about the person for whom they are composing an exclusive perfume. Actually, not only the perfume itself is exclusive, but also the bottle you will get you the perfume in is also one-of-a-kind.

If you are going to purchase perfume for another person here, you should describe him or her in details, especially when it comes to the personality of this individual. In such a way, the experts of l’Antichambre will be able to create a real signature perfume for this person. Needless to say, you yourself will totally enjoy the experience of composing the perfume here as it is real art!


Certainly, you already know the symbol of Brussels is Manneken-Pis. Why not to take one home as a gift for someone you love?

The great feature of Manneken-Pis is the fact, you can get the peeing boy home in his life size rather than going to some alternatives. Manneken-Pis is small enough to be transported home as his height is only 55 centimetre. Thus, you will not have any difficulties with packing him into your bag.

The lifesize statues of Manneken-Pis are available for purchasing in the La Vieille Lanterne hotes which is located near the original statue of Manneken-Pis. The souvenirs are sold on the ground floor.

There are several types of lifesize Manneken-Pis you can get in the store. The cheapest one costs 65 euros and it is made from polyester. This one was designed in such a way that it can be used with a hose so that the boy will be really able to relive himself.

In case you want to get a more advanced version of the sculpture, look for the version which costs 275 euros. This Manneken-Pis is wearing one of the amazing costumes created by the in-store designer.

Finally, there is also Manneken-Pis in the bronze version available for the price of 3,800 euros.

A kit for growing shiitake

Does anyone among your family or friends have a green thumb? If this is a case, you have a unique chance of purchasing a kit for growing delicious shiitake mushrooms so popular in Brussels. Needless to say, you are also able to give the unique experience of growing mushrooms to one of your friends.