Your guide to the weirdest and unusual museums of Brussels

It is not a surprise the Belgian capital has many museums of absolutely various types. This city has long and rich history and is currently one of the most significant cities of entire Europe when it comes to the financial and political worlds. At the same time, the country itself is well-known for its unique products which is also a great reason for having entire museums dedicated to manufacturing of these products in Belgium. Thus, all in all, there are 108 museums in Brussels so far.

As you can imagine, not all of these museums are just like traditional museums about nature, history or art. In Brussels, you will find downright weird museums which might actually amuse you a lot. If you are looking exactly for such untypical places to visit in the Belgian capital, you should check the suggestions collected in this article.

Unusual art museums

You might have already heard about Magritte Museum which is the museum of the famous Belgian surrealist. Of course, the fact the art of this painter is surrealistic makes the place pretty weird, however, it is one of the most famous art museums in Brussels and the people interested in art usually visit the place. There are some other art museums which are more weird.

Museum of Fantastic Art in Brussels

Providing you are really into bizarre art, you should certainly visit this amazing place. Museum of Fantastic Art in Brussels is filled with fantastic pictures, creations and sculptures and is promising its visitors an opportunity to explore the works on biosynthesis of mysterious professor D.

Spontaneous Art Museum

Although the name of this museum might suggest you a place where you will be a part of some spontaneous creativity coming from its visitors who might out of a sudden start painting, singing or dancing. This is not exactly the idea of this place.

By the word spontaneous the creators of this museum meant non-conventional forms of art which can still be peculiar to see.

Art and Marges Museum

If you are enjoying the art which is going beyond the mainstream , you should certainly visit Art and Marges Museum which hold an amazing collection of works created by mentally challenged artists and other differently-abled artists. This place will show you amazing talents and incredible works revealing the power of humans’ creativity.

Other weird museums of Brussels

Are you willing to learn some history about strange or scary things? There are some options you might be interested in.

Museum of the Black Sisters

Museum of the Black Sisters is not dedicated to the African Diaspora whatsoever. The topic of this museum is the black plague and the activity of nuns during that time is the major focus of the museum. Note that this museum can be visited only during two hours on Wednesdays.

Belgian Museum of Freemasonry

If you have some impression of Belgium as well as entire Europe being a creation of the Illuminati, you should visit this curious museum which will provide you with everything you need to know on this topic.

Sewers Museum

Needless to say how important the work of sewers is, however, there are no many places where you can learn about this profession more. If you are in Brussels, you can use your chance for exploring the details about sewers.

Choco Story

Choco Story is another name for Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. The place itself is rather small, however, it will give you an opportunity to taste lots of samples of chocolates and pralines the price of which is already included into the price of the ticket. This means you will not have to pay anything extra and will be able to taste as much of these delicious products as you want. If you decide to purchase the Brussels Card, you will be able to visit this museum without paying for extra tickets.

The number of chocolates included into the price is really large, so you will be absolutely satisfied with it even if you are severely crazy about chocolate. At the same time, you will have an amazing chance to observe the entire process of making pralines and might even learn how to make them on your own.

International Puppet Museum

The history of puppets in Belgium is rather long and curious since puppets used to be prohibited by one of its kings a long time ago. As this king was insecure about the actors making fun of him during their plays, he just decided to prohibit puppets, however allowed them to be used for the performances held for children.

Now, Brussels has its own International Puppet Museum which seems to be rather creepy to many visitors of this place. Yet, the same is told about another museum which is dedicated to toys.

Toy Museum

The Toy Museum of Brussels looks like a gigantic attic holding tons of old toys. A great feature of this museum all of its exhibits are interactive, so basically all of the visitors can just try any of the toys and play with it as long as they want.