You cannot miss these unique restaurants and bars while you are in Brussels

Brussels is filled with tourist attractions and a great part of them are various restaurants and bars. Needless to say, Belgium itself is widely known for an abundance of beer types it is exporting to other countries all around the world. At the same time, the capital of this country is also a real heaven to gourmets as there are thousands of restaurants located in this city. Actually, according to the statistics, there are over 130 dining spots per square mile in Brussels.

Undeniably, such a variety of dining places and bars is amazing as it is offering a wide choice of options to visitors, however, it is impossible to check even the tenth part of them, so it will be really sensible to check the list of the most outstanding places so that you make sure you will not miss them during your visit to Brussels.

The most attractive spots to the visitors who would like to explore the Belgian beers

Even if you are not a fan of beer, you should still use an amazing opportunity of checking the fantastic variety of beer produced by this country. There are many great places to do it in Brussels, however, some of them are particularly auspicious for this pleasant task.

Delirium Café

In point of fact, Delirium Café itself is enough for your entire visit when it comes to tasting Belgian beer. That is so since the bar has a gigantic offer of over two thousand types of beer. Well, the exact current number of beers available in the bar is 2004 and the bar is in the Guinness Book for its largest variety of beer in the world.

Pay your attention to the bars related to Delirium Café as all of them have different offers. The exact one with the largest choice of beer is Delirium Hoppy Loft. Other places related to Delirium Café are Delirium Café Brussels, Delirium Taphouse, Delirium Monasterium, Floris Bar, Floris Garden, Floris Tequila and Little Delirium Cafe.

Bar Verschueren

If you are looking for a unique aesthetic experience or you are just a fan of exterior design, you should definitely visit Bar Verschueren. This bar is famous for its genuine Art Deco interior which has been excellently preserved. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is an amazing place to taste authentic Belgian beer.


One of the most weird places to visit if you want to taste Belgian beer is Poechenellekelder. This bar is particularly famous for its “Puppet cellar” as it has an entire cellar covered with puppets which not only differs the place from other bars but also makes it appear somewhat scary to many visitors.

By the way, the bar is also a great place to enjoy Belgian beer as it is located close to crucial tourist attractions of the city such as Mannekin Pis.

The most unusual restaurants of Brussels

In case you are looking for a perfect dining spot in Brussels, you should pay your attention to Le Cirio which is an amazing place to celebrate the cafe culture of Belgium in general. The restaurant is a great choice for enjoying the Belgian cuisine as well as good wine.

You have already learnt about the most outstanding bar of Brussels when it comes to its interior design. If you are still interested in visiting more places designed according to the Art Deco style, you should visit L’Archiduc which will guarantee you absolutely unique atmosphere inside.

Choco-Story Brussels

There is nothing strange in the fact the Belgian capital has its own museum of chocolate and cocoa since the chocolate-making industry has been highly developed for a very long time in this country. Of course, the museum will not offer you the same experience as restaurants, but the Choco-Story Brussels museum is a great place to explore not only the history of the development of the chocolate industry in this country but also the taste of chocolate products.

This is an amazing part of visiting Choco-Story Brussels. The entrance fee to the museum includes the entire set of chocolates and pralines for tasting.

More amazing experience in Brussels

There are many weird things you can do while visiting Brussels and one of the most amazing of them is staying in Train Hostel. This place is located close to Train World.

Train Hostel is called like this for a good reason. First of all, this hostel is offering a unique experience of staying in a genuine carriage of a train. This carriage is offered as a separate room. Another amazing feature of this hostel is that its weird room is located right on the top of the room. This makes the entire experience of staying in the hostel even crazier.

Now. you know where to drink, eat and stay in Brussels, so you are totally ready to enjoy your visit to the capital of Belgium.