Belgian Christmas Cuisine you certainly should explore

Are you planning to visit Belgium during the time of Christmas celebration? In such a case, you will have a unique chance to try traditional Belgian dishes and drinks which are widely cooked for the celebration of the most important holiday of a year.

Some of these dishes are also popular around the year such as, for example waffles or speculoos, however others, such as yule log are very specific for the Christmas time.

Belgian Christmas beverages

Certainly, there is nothing better to get warm during a cold season than enjoying a mug of hot chocolate and Belgium is absolutely specialising in anything made of chocolate. That is why, during the winter season, you will be able to purchase this amazing hot beverage absolutely anywhere.

If you are already done with all of your responsibilities for the day, you can choose another option which is traditional mulled wine. You can find it widely across the Belgian Christams markets and it is usually called either glühwein or vin chaud. This wine is not just hot and sweet, it is also spicy in a very delicious way.

Belgian Christmas desserts

Certainly, Christmas cannot make do without delicious desserts. One of the most crucial of them in Belgium is speculoos which is a shortcrust biscuit with an addition of species. This type of cookies is available in Belgium at any time of the year, however, it is especially popular to bake it with Sint Niklaas stamped on the surface before the celebration of the 6th of December which is Sint Niklaas day.

Cougnolle is another traditional sweet treat which is particularly popular in the dounthern part of Belgium. It is a special type of sweet bread which is consumed on December 25th. The shape of the bread is very peculiar as it resembles of a baby. Cougnolle is a symbol of the Baby Jesus.

Bûche de Noël or kersstronk is a Yule log. This is an amazing cake which is actually a true masterpiece when it comes to its appearance as bakers usually make it in such a way as to make it look like a real log of a tree. A nice addition to a composition is a bark. The cake is certainly a decoration to every Christmas fest and it is deliciously chocolate!

Do not forget about traditional Belgian waffles which are also especially yummy during the Christmas time.

Other traditional dishes

When it comes to other meals, Belgian Christmas cuisine also has dishes made of seafood. Not only fish is a traditional product used in such dishes but also shellfish. Seafood always comes from Belgian suppliers and is caught locally. The most popular species are sole, cod, turbot, herring and monkfish.

Belgian Christmas dishes are usually accompanied by potatoes which are cooked in different ways. Of course, Belgian frites are common and they are usually served with moules. Mashed potatoes are also popular.

A great addition to such a meal is a variety of vegetables. one of the most popular vegetables added to Christmas meals is certainly Brussel sprouts, however, mushrooms, asparagus and chicory are also popular.

Finally, you will find various condiments such as mustards, pickles or sauces based on mayonnaise added to a Christmas meal.