Amazing facts about Brussels

What is Brussels well-known for in your country? In all likelihood, it is famous for its beer, chocolate and Belgian waffles. Do you see a pattern here? Brussels is a real heaven for foodies!

Actually, many people are visiting this European capital not only for the sake of getting closer to the Belgian culture and history. For many of tourists a possibility of tasting a variety of rare types of beer as well as enjoying delicious food is even more attractive than the fact this city is really filled with history and art. Proceed to read this article if only you are not already hungry which will make you suffer a lot!

Belgium and its beer

Certainly, you are aware of the fact, there are many Belgian manufacturers producing many types of beer. Still, can you guess the exact numbers? I bet you don’t!

The number of beer brands in Brussels itself exceeds eight hundreds! This is a gigantic number indeed! Furthermore, the entire country has over 2200 beer brands. Just imagine being a real devotee of this beverage coming every weekend to the capital of Belgium to taste new types of beer. You will hardly be able to check all of the variety available here!

If you are really serious about tasting Belgian beer, you should visit Delirium Café in Brussels which is listed in a Guinness World Record Book as the bar with the largest choice of beer. That is so because here you will be able to find over two thousand types of beer! Pay your attention to the fact not all of this beer comes from Belgium. Actually, the bar offers beer coming from over a hundred of countries from all over the world.

Belgium and its chocolate

Now, when you are aware of the beer manufacturing scale in Belgium, you can imagine this country is a leader when it comes to selling chocolate. actually, the largest point of selling chocolate products is located very close to the capital of Belgium. Yet, you might not be aware what this spot exactly is. actually, the Belgian airports is selling the greatest amount of chocolate in the world. Certainly, the clients of the chocolate shops here are not only the residents of the country. The majority of tourists will never miss the opportunity of purchasing some exclusive Belgian chocolate.

Obviously, the choice of chocolate here is also incredible and if you have never tried it before, you might be rather confused about what you should choose. You can shop for Godiva, Belvas, Neuhaus, Leonidas and Côte d’Or if you are confused and especially in the case you are looking for a gift from Belgium for someone else.

Belgian waffles

Many people have had a chance of trying Belgian waffles or even cooking them themselves at home. This delicious sweet treat is widespread around the world so you do not have to visit Belgium especially with a view to tasting them, however, it is always interesting to try the dish in the country of its origin.

When you come to Brussels, you will notice not all of the waffles are the same. In fact, the dessert is divided into two types. The first one is known as the Brussels waffle and it is quite large and featured with right-angled corners. It is not the end of the typical features of this dish though. Brussels waffles are known for their particular texture. They are quite light and airy in the inside whereas their outside part is pretty crunchy.

There is also another type of Belgian waffles which is called the Liège waffles. These waffles do not have corners of a right angle shape. You will find the quite dough and sweeter than the Brussels waffles.  Both of the types of dessert are extremely popular and can be found everywhere.

Heaven for gourmets

Just come to Brussels and you will be absolutely astonished by the amount of restaurants this city holds. Actually the density of the location of restaurants here is the following: there are 138 restaurants per square mile! now, you can calculate the total number of restaurants in the Belgian capital which is 62 square miles. Right, there are over 8550 restaurants in this city! Needless to say, you will have a gigantic choice of places to eat. You will hardly find a dish which is not offered by one of the Brussels restaurants.

Of course, you can find places to eat of different categories including luxurious pricey restaurants and affordable street food. One of the particularly interesting place to din is the Tram Experience restaurant. As you can guess from the name of the restaurant, the dining area here is the tram itself. You will be able to have a diverse meal including six or seven courses depending on your choice as well as some wine or beer. Certainly, the Tram Experience restaurant is about enjoying your food while admiring the city sights. Undeniably, this is an experience you will never forget.

French Fry Museum

Certainly, you can go to a museum of chocolate while staying in Brussels, but you can also visit French Fry Museum which is a righteous place to commemorate this extremely popular dish since its place of origin is Belgium rather than France as you might believe.