The most unusual and museums of Brussels

If you are visiting Brussels hoping to get new impressions, this place is perfect for you. The capital of Belgium has a variety of absolutely unusual landmarks and museums which you will hardly find anywhere else.

The places mentioned in this article are pretty weird and at the same time filled with exciting entertainment. Certainly, if you are coming to Brussels for a very short time, you might be willing to focus on the most important landmarks of the Belgian capital rather than some less popular, albeit peculiar sites. Yet, if you have plenty of time, you should certainly keep these crazy places in mind during your stay in Brussels.

For art lovers

Here are some of unusual museums which should be on your to-do list if you are an art lover.

Magritte Museum

The fans of pop art and surrealism should not miss the magic of Margitte Museum which is located at Mont des Arts. This is certainly a very different place not even slightly similar to the most famous Belgian galleries filled with Renaissance paintings. This is a perfect place to feel the touch of the quirky culture of Belgium.

Spontaneous Art Museum

Spontaneous Art Museum is absolutely spontaneous indeed. Once you get inside, you will get across various unconventional pieces of art which are making this place absolutely unique.

MIMA – The Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art

If you are thirsty for modern art, there is no better place for experiencing it than MIMA. The Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art is filled with absolutely different forms of modern art. You can find here everything starting from graffiti up to digital art. Certainly, this museum is very much different from the traditional art galleries.

The museums of vehicles

Brussels has a couple of places to discover the history of vehicle production and enjoy the beauty of the first vehicles.

Schaerbeek Station and Train World

Schaerbeek Station and Train World is a curious place for everyone, no matter whether you are actually interested in the history of train manufacturing or not. It is just a peculiar place to turn back in time and explore the first trains. This is possible in the Train World for many reasons. For instance, this is the place where you can find the oldest European locomotive! Needless to say, this is enough to come to the Train World.

Another particularly crucial exhibit of this museum is the original ticket hall.

Of course, Schaerbeek Station and Train World will also tell you about the contribution of Belgium to the railway industry.


Autoworld is another great place to explore the development of vehicles. This time, the museum will show you a massive collection of automobiles.

Certainly, even those visitors who cannot call themselves automobile fans, will find this museum impressive since its collection has over 250 classic cars. The collection includes models of a mainstream production for depicting the evaluation of the industry along with limited production as well as particularly valuable cars.

In addition to it, the museum also has some of the limousines which were owned by the royal family of Belgium.

Other peculiar museums in Brussels

There is a number of unique museums in Brussels some of which might be a great place to visit with children whereas others are places suitable only for adults.

Pavillion of Human Passions

If you are curious about seeing a collection of various provocative exhibits depicting human passions, you should certainly head to the Pavillion which is situated in the Cinquantenaire Park. Even though it is not difficult to guess what can be found in such a collection, there are still some suprises waiting for you.

In case you are interested in visiting this place, you should be aware of its working hours. The museum is open to visitors only in summer. The days when you can come here are exclusively Wednesdays and weekends.


As the name suggests, Clockarium is a museum of clocks. A crucial thing about this museum is that it has a collection of clocks all of which are ceramic and made in the style of Art Deco. You can visit this strange place only on Sunday at 3:05 PM.

International Puppet Museum

International Puppet Museum is an amazing place for people who are interested in exploring various unusual collections. At the same time, those who have managed to visit this location also recommend it to those tourists who are looking for some creepy places. According to them, the atmosphere in this museum is pretty funny. You should certainly check it for yourself.

Museum of Costume and Lace

One of the most crucial museums of Brussels is Museum of Costume and Lace. Certainly, it is a fashion museum since it has a large collection of remarkable costumes. Yet, it is also an amazing place to discover the history of fashion as it has some exhibits created at the beginning of the 19th century. This museum will give you a unique experience whether you are looking for a historical landmark, a place to explore culture or you are just crazy about dressing up.