things to do in Brussels

Things to Enjoy in Brussels While There

Unlike other vacation spots abroad, Belgium offers affordable things to enjoy in Brussels. Perfect for those travelers and adventurers on a budget. But worry not because these activities will fill your wanderlust to its brim without depleting your bank accounts!

Today, we will outline the best things to enjoy in Brussels. We aim to help you plan out your next Europe-bound travel.


Best 5 Things to Enjoy in Brussels

1.   Wander cobblestone steps of The Grand Place

The first itinerary of your travel to Brussels should be to walk around The Grand Place. Not only is this the Main Square, but it has been awarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Marvel in the impeccable architecture of the busy city. Every area of the square is Instagram-worthy enough to make mouths water. You may also visit the 15th-century town hall, which they wonderfully preserved.

If you catch the city in the holidays, you will enjoy charming markets all over the place.

2.   Booze up in the Cantillon Brewery

What good is visiting a place if you cannot taste their poison?

If you love alcohol, you can opt to sign-up for the Cantillon Brewery tour and have wine tasting here and there for the whole 45-minute period. What makes Cantillon Brewery great is that it is the only remaining centennial brewery in Brussels.

The age testifies how long and authentic their practice in brewing has been—one of the things to enjoy in Brussels.

3.   Nom nom on the chocolates at Le Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat

Belgium is known to create some of the best-tasting chocolates. And you can experience authentic chocolate wonders through the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolates.

If you love chocolates, then this is a must-do in the things to enjoy in Brussels. The tour on the process of how it is made is fantastic.

But nothing beats the chocolate-tasting portion. And the chocolate dipping in a chocolate river session.

4.   Experience Baroque architecture in the Gothic Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

It is perhaps one of the oldest standing architectural buildings of Brussels. Reminiscent of Notre Dame, you will be held back in time at this massive dome filled with 16th-century spectacles.

It only costs around 1 Euro to enter, and if you arrive during the Christmas season, you might even listen to some beautiful carolers singing.

It is truly a beautiful historical contrast to Brussel’s urban landscape. Visiting this should be one of the things to enjoy in Brussels.

5.   View the beauty from Mont des Arts

It means “mountain of the arts” to reel you in some fantastic landscape artistry from the top.

In Mont des Arts, you will see various landscaped gardens and tall-standing statues. Fountains and other public arts supplement the already beautiful view. This place is free to visit and an aspect you might want to include in your itinerary.

Take as many pictures as you want. It’s all free!



Brussels museums are great places to visit too! Check our list of the most unusual museums in Brussels!



There are many things to enjoy in Brussels, and the ones mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg! Brussels is a fantastic place, and Paris, another equally splendid beauty, is just a train ticket away from there!

Visit now!