Saint-Michel Cathedral – The most beautiful cathedral in Brussels

It is possible for you to discover a large number of beautiful cathedrals, which are located in an out of Brussels. Out of them, Saint-Michel Cathedral can be considered as the most beautiful cathedral. You can also think about calling it as one of the most prominent monuments that can be found in the city as well. Therefore, all the people who visit Brussels should think about paying a visit to Saint-Michel Cathedral.

The location that you can find around Saint-Michel Cathedral is one of the prominent landmarks to Brussels. This has further contributed towards the value and beauty of the cathedral.

What can you experience at Saint-Michel Cathedral?

You will get the chance to experience a beautiful and a perfect cathedral after visiting here. This cathedral was constructed back in 13th Century. You will be able to see how it has been constructed according to the Gothic style. The foundation of the cathedral has been established back in 11th century.

According to historical books, it has taken more than 300 years for the construction activities at Saint-Michel Cathedral to be completed. However, it was conserved in between 1983 and 1989. In fact, it was possible to fully restore the cathedral during this time period.

The original name of Saint-Michel Cathedral was different. People used to call it as the Church of St. Michael. However, the name of the cathedral was changed back in the year 1047. This happened when the relics of St Gudula were brought into this church. Then it was called as St Michael and St Gudula. Even though this is an old cathedral, the cathedral status was awarded to it back in the recent past. In fact, it took place in the year 1962.

Interior of Saint-Michel Cathedral

When you take a look at the interior of Saint-Michel Cathedral, you will notice that it looks more sober than how it should look like. That’s because it has been subjected to continuous sacking by the iconoclast Protestants and French revolutionaries. Even as such, you can find a perfect atmosphere inside the cathedral. This is something that you will appreciate and fall in love with.

There is a beautiful looking pulpit at the cathedral, which is made out of wood. It was constructed back in the year 1699. On the other hand, you will also be able to discover the original oak confessionals at here from the 17th century as well. There are massive statues located in the columns of the temple. The beauty of interiors that you can find in Saint-Michel Cathedral is enhanced with stained glass windows. They will capture your eyes while you are exploring the interiors of the cathedral.

You can think about calling Blessed Sacrament as the hidden treasure inside this cathedral. It was locked inside iron forged doors back in the past. Inside them, you will be able to find numerous items with religious and cultural importance. They include chalices, relics, crosses and many other sculptures. You can also find some stained glasses that belonged to the cathedral back in the 15th century.

The organ design of Saint-Michel Cathedral has received a lot of positive attention as well. This has been constructed with the utilization of more than 4,000 different pipes. In addition to that, four keyboards have also been used for the construction of it.

Best times to visit Saint-Michel Cathedral

You will be able to visit Saint-Michel Cathedral throughout the entire year. No matter when you visit, you will be provided with the chance to explore the best out of it. This is the leading Catholic Church that you can find in Belgium as well. Accessing the Saint-Michel Cathedral will never be a difficult thing to do. That’s because it is located closer to the city center.