Everything you need to know before visiting Grand Place in Brussels

Grand Place is a prominent tourist attraction, which you can find in the city square of Brussels. Therefore, all the people who visit Brussels should not ignore exploring the Grand Place. You will be able to gather a bunch of outstanding experiences while you are exploring it.

When you take a look at Grand Place, you will notice it as a main square, which you can find in most of the leading European Cities. However, you will not be able to find a church in here. That’s the uniqueness of Grand Place.

History of Grand Place

Before you visit Grand Place, it is worthy to take a look at the history of the destination. The Grand Place was discovered back in the year 979. It was a person called Charles who built it. This was constructed as a fort and he had the objective of establishing a new city. Therefore, you can call Grand Place as the oldest building that you can find in Brussels as well.

Charles selected this location to build a fort because of a reason. In fact, the location of Grand Place is found furthest inland. However, you will still be able to navigate here by boat. Due to the strategic location, Charles was tempted to go ahead with the construction of the fort at this location. Along with time, Brussels was able to become one of the leading trading towns located in Europe.

The goods that come to Brussels will not be able to go anywhere further. Therefore, Grand Place was a busy place back in the day. Numerous markets were located around Grand Place back in time. They were evolved along with time.

During the 13th Century, it was possible to discover a large number of indoor markets in this region. Most of them were selling meat, cloth and bread. However, a larger building to sell clothes was established back in 14th Century.

Local authorities went ahead and took complete control over the planning activities of the city during the 15th Century. As a result, the market structures constructed in here were demolished. However, you will still be able to see some of the ruins that represent all the ancient markets that were held in this region.

Visiting Grand Place

Grand Place is a popular tourist attraction to visit in Brussels. In fact, you will be able to call this as one of the most important tourist sites. Therefore, all the tourists who come to Brussels don’t ignore exploring Grand Place.

If you are planning to explore Grand Place and secure the best experience out of it, you are encouraged to think about visiting early in the morning. If you can visit around 8am, you are provided with the chance to explore the surroundings without any crowd. However, crowds start gathering in here after 10am in the morning. You need to make sure that you take all those breathtaking photos before 10am in the morning.

While you are spending your time at Grand Place, you will get the opportunity to learn the importance of it. In addition to that, you can learn more about the history of Brussels as well. Since Grand Place is located at a centralized location in Brussels, you will find it as an easy task to access here as well. There are tour guides available in the region to serve you. If you are keen to learn more about the history of Grand Place and the history of Brussels, you are encouraged to think about getting the assistance of one of those tour guides.

While exploring Grand Place, you may take a look at the Museum of City of Brussels as well. It is located closer to Grand Place. It can further assist you to enhance the knowledge that you have about the city of Brussels and its history.