Atomium – one of the most significant Belgian landmarks

If you have never heard about Atomium, just imagine a giant steel construction of 102 metre height representing a molecule of iron. Of course, the molecule is magnified so the construction is 165 times greater than a real particle of iron. Atomium was created by André Waterkeyn to celebrate the Brussels World Exhibition of 1958. The building has nine spheres with an art gallery, an exhibition dedicated to human life, a restaurant and a special educational club for children. No doubts, visiting Atomium will be a great experience for your entire family!

Interior architecture

As you can imagine, exploring the interior architecture of Atomium is itself worth a separate tour. The way Atomium was designed resembles of some intergalactic spaceship. The architect André Waterkeyn with the brothers André and Jean Polak have created an absolutely amazing construction of a large metal frame supporting colossal steel cupolas each of which is featured by the diameter of 18 m. The building also has surrealistic tubes with escalators in which you can see light and sound animation shows.

If you decide to take part in the tour on the Atomium architecture, you might have a chance of in exploring additional digital installations with several levels that are used as a scene of a virtual reality in which visitors are literally travelling into the magic dreamlike world.

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition of Atomium is about the history of this Belgian landmark. As it has already been mentioned, Atomium was built in order to celebrate Expo 58 that happened to be the last world fair in Belgium. If you visit the permanent exhibition “Atomium. From symbol to icon”, you will be able to learn about all the major events related to the over 60-year-history of the Expo 58 pavilion which is today one of the most known symbols of Belgium.

You will also have a chance to learn about the decline of Atomium that took place in the nineties. The building was reopened in 2006.

The Kid’s Shere

The Kid’s Shere is a special educational project that is dedicated to the exploration of function of urban area in the modern communities. In order to participate in the project, children can stay overnight with their caregivers in Atomium. During the night, children will have an opportunity to discover many exciting facts about the most important parts of Brussels, enjoy its panoramic view and just have fun.

The entire experience starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 10 am the next day.

Temporary exhibitions

You are also welcome to visit the temporary exhibitions held in Atomium. Their topic varies a lot so you should keep a track of the current events organised here. For example, currently, you can see an amazing exhibition “Bruegel, a poetic experience”. During this exhibition, you will have a chance to learn a lot not only about the work of the famous artist, but also about his personality.

Panoramic Restaurant

If you happen to visit Atomium, don’t forget to have a meal in Panoramic Restaurant. Located in the upper sphere of the building, which is exactly 100 metres above the ground, Panoramic Restaurant offers its guests absolutely unique experience.

Here, you will have a chance to try some seasonal dishes as well as traditional Belgian cuisine.

Panoramic Restaurant serves lunch and dinner as well as alcohol drinks that are available in its bar.

Don’t lose your chance to explore one of the most amazing buildings in Europe and visit Atomium when you are in Brussels!