Experience the glamour and beauty at Palace Royale in Brussels

Palace Royale is one of the top tourist attractions that you can find in the city of Brussels. Therefore, all the people who visit the city should think about visiting here to get a perfect experience. This is the home to the Belgian Royal Family. However, the Palace Royale is currently being used as a prominent tourist attraction.

The Royal Family of Belgium moved out of Palace Royale more than 100 years ago. However, the glamour still exists in it. You will be able to get into the Palace and explore it. This is also the headquarters of the Constitutional Monarchy of Belgium. You can easily access this tourist attraction because it is located towards the southern side of Brussels.

The King of Belgium used Palace Royale as the official Palace. In addition to that, the Head of State has also used this palace back in the day. On the other hand, it is well-known as the home to the King and Queen of Belgium. You will be able to find rooms in the Palace Royale for special guests who are visiting the country. Numerous heads of states and the top ranking officials from different ministries have spent their time in these special rooms located inside the palace.

The royal family moved out of Palace Royale back in the year 1831. In fact, the King of Belgium came up with the decision to move to outskirts of Brussels during this year. That’s where Palace Royale started becoming a tourist attraction. You can think about visiting there to explore how it looked like back in history as well.

Architecture of Palace Royale

Constructional activities at Palace Royale started taking place during the early years of the nineteenth century. Is was commission by the King William I from Netherlands. However, the palace was subjected to numerous remodeling projects along with time as well.

You will therefore be able to find architectural style that belong to many different eras here at Palace Royale. It is one of the most diverse tourist attractions that you can discover in the country as well. It is possible for you to explore them at your own pace. If you can accompany yourself with a tour guide, you will be able to get a deeper understanding about the different architectural styles that can be found in Palace Royale.

What is the best time to visit Palace Royale?

Palace Royale is not open for general public throughout the entire year. In every single year, the doors of Palace Royale opens to public on 21st of July. This is the National Bank Holiday of Belgium. Since then, the Palace Royale is open for the tourists until the beginning of September.

You should also keep in mind that Palace Royale is not open on all seven days of the week. On every Monday, the palace is closed. If you want to visit Palace Royale, you will have to go there from Tuesday to Sunday. The palace opens its doors at 10:30am in the morning and closes them at 5pm in the evening. Hence, you should be mindful about these times, so that you can get into Palace Royale and explore what it offers to the guests.

If you are coming to Brussels during the summer time, Palace Royale is something that you shouldn’t ignore visiting. You will be able to end up with securing a rich experience while you are spending your time at here. In addition to that, you will be able to enhance your knowledge about the history of Brussels and the history of Royal Family who lived in the country during the time that you spend at Palace Royale.