free activities to do in Brussels

Free Activities to Do in Brussels to Enjoy

The cost of traveling to Brussels alone may already cost you some bucks. So, wouldn’t it be nice to know free activities to do in Brussels? Booking a flight, a hotel, food, and travel will already cost you. It would be very nice to visit some other sites that offer the same fun and excitement without you having to dig deep into your wallet.

Today, we will be sharing with you five free activities to do in Brussels! Make sure to add each one to your checklist for your next visit:

Top 5 free activities to do in Brussels

1. Tour the city

One of the fun and free activities to do in Brussels is touring the city. Having a new city tour is probably one of the most exciting and the first thing you should do upon arrival. When you go on that tour, it will be even more exciting to be paired with someone who knows the city’s rich history and the beautiful scenery you should visit. You can also tour with your loved ones too!

Many companies are offering tours around the city, and one good company you can try is the Greeters Network. If you decide to go with them, they will pair you with a guide who speaks the same language as you and shares the same interests. Talk about touring a great city and having a new friend at the same time!

2. Don’t miss the flea markets!

Next is our list of free activities to do in Brussels is browsing the flea markets! One of Brussel’s most famous bazaars is Place de Jeu Balle, located in the Marolles neighborhood. It is open daily from 7 AM up to 2 PM.

3. Enjoy the Comic Strip Trail

Around Brussels’ city center is a graffiti mural which is dedicated to a Belgian comic book hero. There are over 50 comic strip-themed fresco all over town, and for an avid comic fan, this trail is a haven! Prepare your cameras and pose as the hero (or even the anti-hero), and bring back amazing photos of your trip!

4. Have an excellent ol’ picnic

Another great (and free) summer activity you can have is a picnic at the park! It won’t cost you a dime, you can have a chance to explore the fantastic parks in the city, and above all, you can have a pleasant and fun afternoon with your friends and loved ones! If you are lucky, you might get across a free concert or a free yoga class at the park.

5. Visit the Royal Palace

Last but not least, our list of free activities to do in Brussels is to visit the Royal Palace during the summer. It is located next to Parc Royal and is open from the end of July until September. It is your chance to visit its premises free of charge and be amazed at their majestic halls, beautiful chandeliers, and one-of-a-kind furniture.



There are lots of free activities to do in Brussels and what we mentioned here are some of the things you could try out without having to break the bank. Have a great time with your friends and loved ones!