activities for couples in Brussels

Activities for Couples in Brussels for Bonding

There are many activities for couples in Brussels you can do if you ever plan on visiting Belgium. These activities will make your time fun! And if you are on a tight budget, fret not because this listing will undoubtedly fit your allowance.

In this article, we will feature the best bonding activities for couples in Brussels. Opportunities to Immerse into the beautiful capital of Belgium and have a fantastic time together!

Best Bonding Activities for Couples in Brussels

1.   Walk down chocolate lane and create sweet memoirs

What better way to your time in Belgium than to experience their world-famous chocolates.

You may find the best chocolatiers of the locality in Place du Grand Sablon. Step into either Wittamer or Pierre Marcolini to experience their respective specialties when it comes to chocolate goodness. From cocoa truffles to chocolate-infused macaroons, you name it!

You may also learn about the trade from Le Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat. The free treats along the way are also superb!

One of the sweetest bonding activities for couples in Brussels, literally!

2.   Munch on amazing Belgian waffles

Having chocolate dates is one thing, but getting to taste authentic Belgian waffles is another. It can also be the motif of your great date!

Maison Dandoy is one of the oldest sellers of waffles. Their longstanding 2-century experience in the trade is proof enough that they are the best the city can offer.

Select from the array of unique toppings! From ice cream to hot chocolate sauce or caramel, if you prefer it better. Their selections are unique, especially the Rue Charles Buls branch, where you can have tea alongside it.

3.   Have a comic book trifecta

It composed a small percentage of the population, but you will find one of the best activities for couples in Brussels if you are comic-book enthusiasts.

Begin by walking down the comic book route, an homage to the best local comic characters through street art.

Visit the Comics Art Museum, where you will see Belgium’s most famous comic characters in History — The Smurfs!

Top it off by booking a comic-inspired hotel room like the Raddison Red Brussels! You’ll see a cartoon in every corner.

4.   Wash the food down with some good ol’ beer

Partners who have a knack for alcohol will very much enjoy this as one of their activities for couples in Brussels! Either you enter a local pub and order their finest beverages, or join some brewery tour to get a better feel of their culture!

The Cantillon Brewery is something you have to consider. The craft beer tasting is superb!

5.   Join in Belgium’s diverse dining scenery

Of course, while you are there, it is essential to take advantage of the romantic scenery. The Grand Place, Brussel’s Main Square, offers many perfect restaurants for couples looking to dine amidst Brussel’s urban atmosphere.

You may visit food places with buzzing crowds or choose those offering a quieter experience. Brussels has got you covered.

It would not be a wrong spot to pop-open that proposal ring as well!



Belgium offers excellent opportunities as activities for couples in Brussels. And these do not have to be extravagant, perfect for budget-friendly traveling! If you plan to take your partner overseas, Brussels is something you might want to consider visiting.