affordable vacation spots in Brussels

Affordable Vacation Spots in Brussels You Can Visit

If you are looking for a getaway in the heart of Belgium, this article on affordable vacation spots in Brussels is perfect for you. Enjoying your stay is possible even on a minimal budget with the number of affordable places you can go to!

In this article, we will feature the five best affordable vacation spots in Brussels. Budget-friendly places for people seeking their following overseas destinations!

Best Affordable Vacation Spots in Brussels

1.   The Grand Place

The Grand Place is the main square and heart of the city. It is boasting of its inherent and free architectural beauty.

Walking around the cobblestone steps would be bliss when visiting. You can observe accents of gold in the surrounding buildings, which pictures will do no justice.

UNESCO has awarded the whole area as a World Heritage Site, which explains the preservation of the 15th century Town Hall.

If you visit within the Christmas season, you may catch her magnificence covered in holiday glitz and sparkling lights!

2.   The Museum of Musical Instruments

Another qualifier to the list of affordable vacation spots in Brussels is The Museum of Musical Instruments. Although it has a fee of €6, the visit will be worthwhile, especially if you value history so much.

As the name suggests, you will witness various musical instruments from different periods displayed and cared for. From large to simple, down to the smallest ones, they have.

The highlight is the headset that plays the instrument’s sound for you when you stand in front of it. And with around 7000 instruments at their disposal, you will most likely spend your day there from their opening time to closing.

3.   Atomium

The regard for Science in Belgium is not only realized but experienced through the Atomium. This behemoth representation of an atom, not oxymoronic, is a significant landmark to signify the importance of science.

For only €12, this is easily one of the most affordable vacation spots in Belgium. And you may enjoy the top-notch restaurant in the topmost sphere. Each sphere is dedicated to some other events.

4.   Le Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat

This Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate is not only a great place to visit but a delicious one too!

Chocolate lovers will enjoy bathing in this haven. The chocolate learning and the free samples you can get is an excellent perk for only €6. Have we mentioned that you can dip it in flowing melted chocolate?

It is a true qualifier to the list of affordable vacation spots in Brussels.

5.   Bois de la Cambre Park

Like The Grand Place, this is public greenery you can visit and embrace nature’s beauty.

If you want to have a picnic, walk down the trails, or row through the lake, this place is the one to visit.

The ambiance is incredible, and you will not spend a penny whatsoever to enjoy these amenities.



Brussels is a fantastic place. The accessibility to Paris in one train ride is another unspoken perk, but we reckon you should know! If you plan to travel on a budget, no worries! Visit these affordable vacation spots in Belgium and be sure to travel smart too!.