The museums of Brussels you should visit during your trip to the capital of Belgium

Brussels has many tourist attractions and countless museums are one of them. The capital of Belgium invites its guests to visit art galleries, historical museums and various exhibitions. It is worth to check some of the museums even before exploring the city itself. For example, visiting the Museum of Belgian Brewers will help you to understand the types of beer offered in the local restaurants and bars whereas Museum of Brussels is a great place to start learning about the capital. In order to make your search of the best tourist locations, we have created this list of the top museums in Brussel.

Brussels City Museum

One of the greatest places to start your exploration of Brussels is the Brussels City Museum. Here, you can get a quick idea about the history of the capital of Belgium including the development of its economy. All in all, there are three floors of the museum where you can see amazing exhibitions. For instance, the Brussels City Museum has a collection of one hundred costumes created for the Mannekin Pis. Of course, you will also find the history of the Peeing Boy which is the most well-known Brussels’ mascot.

The great news is that the fee to the Brussels City Museum is only €3.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium

Undeniably, one of the most crucial attractions of Brussels are its art galleries where you will have an opportunity to see the original works of the world-known artists. Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium are an excellent location for exploring the works of the Belgian artists. Here, you will see the most important art works of the previous epochs as well as innovative painting created by the most talented contemporary artists of Belgium.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts are located on Kunstberg or Mont des Arts which is the museum and art hill of Brussels.

Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences

One of the most significant museums of Belgium is the Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences. This gigantic cube-shaped building situated on the banks of Leopold Park not far away from the Parliament building has an amazing exhibition of fossils and bones of blue whales and dinosaurs. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this place is perfect for family visits since both children and adults will be fascinated by the unique items collected on the premises of this museum.

Brussels Cocoa and Chocolate Museum

While being in the capital of Belgium, you absolutely must visit the Brussels Cocoa and Chocolate Museum. Belgium is famous for its chocolate products in the entire world. The Brussels Cocoa and Chocolate Museum is a quite small place, however, the choice of chocolate it demonstrates to its guest is absolutely fantastic. Most of the cocoa products presented in the museum are pralines which are chocolates filled with liquors, creams and nut pastes. Of course, apart from the demonstration of the history of chocolate production, the museum also allows its visitors to taste the most delectable chocolates.

Museum of Belgian Brewers

Another world-known Belgium product is beer which undeniably has its own long history in this country. No matter whether you are real devotee of this popular drink or you enjoy drinking it only occasionally, you certainly should get the taste of real Belgium beer. The best place to do it is in the Museum of Belgian Brewers where you will learn historical facts, technological process of beer production and taste original Belgium kinds of beer that are included into the price of the ticket.

Brussels Toy Museum

Providing you would like to visit the Museum of Belgian Brewers but are not sure your children can be interested by this place, you can plan a visit to another museum on the same day. Brussels Toy Museum is a totally mind-blowing attraction not only for kids but also for adults who are crazy about toys and games. The museum is located in a three-storey mansion where one can find an abundance of toys from different historical epochs.

Museum of Musical Instruments

Another peculiar museum located in Brussels is the Museum of Musical Instruments. Even if you are neither a composer nor a musician, you will be amazed by a vast collection of approximately 7000 musical instruments from the entire world. You will learn the history about each of them and will have a chance to listen to the music performed with the help of these instruments. The museum itself is located in a beautiful building created in the nouveau style. Additionally, the museum has its own café with a wonderful panoramic view of Brussels.

Brussels Card Museum Pass

For the comfort of its tourists, the government of Brussels have created a special card museum pass. This is a card allowing you to enter 39 Brussels museums for free and use the public transport of the Belgium capital. In addition to it, the Brussels Card Museum Pass offers you discounts for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, tours and other tourist attractions.

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