Explore the amazing history of the European automobile production

One of the attractions you absolutely must see while staying in Brussels is the Autoworld Brussels exhibition. Even if you are not interested in cars and motorisation at all, you will still be fascinated by the items displayed at Autoworld Brussels and, in all likelihood, you will not be able to see the majority of them anywhere else. Certainly, you shouldn’t miss the chance of seeing some of the oldest automobile models produced in Europe or the USA in such a close proximity especially for a small price of the ticket to the exhibition. If you happen to purchase the Brussels card, you should definitely earmark some spare time for visiting Autoworld.

What is Autoworld Brussels?

Autoworld Brussels is a colossal warehouse housing over 400 automobiles starting from the very creation of this type of a vehicle. The exhibition is organised in such a way as it is able to show you the entire timeline of the development of cars in Europe. Note that the exhibition is dedicated exclusively to the motorisation in Europe and the USA which means you won’t find any cars coming from other countries. Here, you can admire a 1928 model of Bugatti, however, you won’t find any Toyotas or Hondas.

The very first cars presented at Autoworld Brussels are dating back to 1886 when the motorisation had just started and the horses were gradually discarded. Thus, the oldest automobiles displayed at the exhibition are from the late 1800s. The newest models designed in the 2000s are also included into the exhibition. Furthermore, there is also an empty space for the future cars. Here, not only will you be able to enjoy the gorgeous appearance of the artworks of motorisation but also to learn more about the particular models which were especially popular in Europe during each decade. Pay your attention to the older models of Jaguars and Ferrari which have changed a lot with time.

In order to make the most of your visit to Autoworld Brussels, you should start your time travel from the centre aisle. Then, go to the left side and walk anti-clockwise in a circle. In such a way, explore the first part of the exhibition. The second one is located to the right hand. You should come back to the centre aisle again and make a clockwise circle to the right side. Such a plan will allow you to see all the cars in the chronological order according to the dates they were created.

Don’t forget checking a small room located on the right corner of the first floor. It is rather easy to miss this room, but it is worth visiting since here, you can find a collection of horse carriages. The most valuable carriage of them is the one used for the wedding of Napoleon the Third in 1853.

The Brussels Autoworld tickets

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the article, purchasing Brussels Card will entitle you to visiting this exposition without paying extra money. The price of the card includes a large number of the Brussels tourist attractions which makes it a sensible financial decision to purchase one card if you are planning to see more sights. There is also an opportunity of getting a version of Brussels Card covering the expenses coming with the use of public transport in the capital of Belgium.

Yet, if you want to buy the tickets for Brussels Autoworld separately, you will still be able to afford them. The entrance for adults up to 64 years of age costs €8. Seniors will pay €6 for a ticket. The price for teens between 13 and 17 years is €5, whereas for children between 7 and 12 years is only €2. For younger children, the entrance to the exposition is free of charge.

You can purchase your tickets right at Autoworld Brussels or do it beforehand via the Internet on their official website which will save your money.

Where and when can you visit Autoworld Brussels?

Autoworld Brussels is located at Parc du Cinquantenaire, 11.

Bear in mind the working hours of the exposition since they differ according to the season. During the summer season which starts on the first of April and ends at the end of September, Brussels Autoworld is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

During the winter season, which starts on the first of October and ends on the last day of March, the exhibition is open for a bit shorter time from 10 am to 5 pm.

Autoworld Brussels is an excellent place to visit for families with children who will be amazed by the large variety of cars collected in one place. Furthermore, to the right side of the exit, you will find a shop which offers not only postcards and keychains, but also an abundance of miniature models of cars. That is why it is a perfect place for getting an original souvenir from Brussels. Of course, children are in love with such things, but there are also many adults who enjoy collecting car models.