Brussels nightlife guide

The majority of tourists are attracted by the amazing architecture of the capital of Belgium in the first place which creates a perfect romantic atmosphere for honeymoons and trips for couples. At the same time, a large amount of fascinating museums and galleries exhibiting exclusive collections makes this place perfect for family vacations. Although you can associate Brussels with monuments, churches and palaces, there is still place for nightlife in this city. In all likelihood, the number of bars and clubs here is not as large as in some of the European capitals, but the quality of entertainment they are offering are undeniably meeting the highest standards.

Let’s look at the list of some of the best places to enjoy the Brussels nightlife together!

The paradise for the fans of techno music – Fuse

One of the most famous Brussels nightclub loved by both the citizens of the Belgian capital and its visitors is Fuse located at Rue Blaes 208.

Fuse was established in 1994 on the premises of a movie theatre which at that moment was abandoned. Once it was redesigned and refurbished, the nightclub has gradually become highly popular among the devotees of peppy techno music. Apart from a lively dance floor, the nightclub also has a bar with a large choice of drinks and delicious food. In addition to it, Fuse doesn’t have any entrance charges which is also one of its advantages.

The Fuse nightclub opens everyday at 11pm and closes at 7 am, so you really have a chance to spend an entire night dancing to your favourite music.

Music time travel at Café Roskam

If you are not particularly crazy about modern music and prefer retro sounds or jazz, you should absolutely visit Café Roskam located at Rue de Flandre 9.

Since this is a vintage bar, its atmosphere differs a lot from the majority of nightlife spots. The entire place is old-styled with sophisticated classic decorations, whereas the music performed here, especially the jazz sessions guarantee your experience here will be unforgettable.

The bar and café are offering a large variety of drinks as well as delicious food.

There is no entrance fee at Café Roskam. Note it is open from 4 pm to 2 am, whereas on Fridays and Saturdays it is open till 4 am.

The cosiest place for parties – welcome to The Flat

Have you ever been in a nightclub as cosy as your own home? Sounds impossible, doesn’t eat? The majority of nightclub have their very specific atmosphere which is definitely far from the one you can enjoy at home.

The Flat located under the address Rue de la Reinette is a real exception. It was designed as a residential apartment and has a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen as well as a living room. This is a great place to relax while sitting on comfortable coaches, listen to soothing music, chat with your friends and enjoy delicious food sold at very attractive prices.

If you do not particularly enjoy dark spaces of typical nightclubs with beaming lights and roaring music, you will certainly enjoy the homely setting of The Flat.

The entrance to The Flat is completely free. This bar is open from 6 pm to 3 am.

Baazar – an underground bar to enjoy deep house music

Baazar is also one of the most popular nightlife spots in Brussels. This is an underground bar located at Rue des Capucins 63. Actually, this is the exact centre of the Brussels nightlife which makes it an ideal place to enjoy the vibes of a dancing crowd.

At Baazar, you have a chance to listen to international DJs performing mainly deep house music and creating a unique chilled out and soothing atmosphere.

Note that the entrance to Baazar costs ten euros. The place is open from 11 pm to 6 am daily without days off.

A wallet-friendly dance club – You Night Club

Because of its affordable prices, You Night Club is one of the most favourite nightlife spots of students. Although there is an entrance charge of ten euros, this price includes two drinks. This is a great place for partying hard and unwinding without great losses for your budget.

You Night Club is located at Rue Duquesnoy 18. The night club is open between 11:30 pm and 5 am.

Other great places to spend a night in while staying in Brussels

Some other great bars and night clubs located in Brussels are O’Reilly’s Irish Pub located under the address: Place de la Bourse 1 specialising in Irish delicacies as well as Bonnefooi located at Rue des Pierres 8. Bonnefooi is one of the greatest places in Brussels to listen to music since the night club organises nights with different types of music including house, jazz, hard rock, retro and of many other genres. In addition to it, you can watch live performances here which regularly take place in the club. It even has its private dance room.

All in all, the part of the city which has the majority of bars, night clubs and pubs is the area surrounding the Grand Palace. Pay your attention to special offers of many pubs and bars in Brussels for example Wednesdays with cheap drinks at Chatelain, Thursday super offer for evening drinks as well Apéros organised on Fridays which invites people to enjoy live concerts, open-air parties, happy hours and exclusive cocktails.