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Experience the glamour and beauty at Palace Royale in Brussels

Palace Royale is one of the top tourist attractions that you can find in the city of Brussels. Therefore, all the people who visit the


A guide to Belgian Comic Strip Center located in Brussels

If you are a person who loves comics, Belgian Comic Strip Center is a place that you should not ignore visiting. It has been able

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Important information about local customs in Belgium

Brussels is a home to people of various cultures and nationalities. Due to this fact, any foreigner will feel oneself comfortable while visiting the capital


Everything you need to know before visiting Grand Place in Brussels

Grand Place is a prominent tourist attraction, which you can find in the city square of Brussels. Therefore, all the people who visit Brussels should


Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts – The best place in Belgium for you to explore fine arts

Are you interested in witnessing the best fine arts within the city of Brussels? Then you should think about visiting the Belgian Royal Museum of


Saint-Michel Cathedral – The most beautiful cathedral in Brussels

It is possible for you to discover a large number of beautiful cathedrals, which are located in an out of Brussels. Out of them, Saint-Michel

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The benefits of purchasing Brussels Card

There are so many places to visit in Brussels! If you are planning a trip to the capital of Belgium, purchasing Brussels Card will be